Much more information about Functional Voice Pedagogy or the Rabine Method, including training and seminars can be found here: Rabine Institute

Singers under my tutelage with their own homepage:
Teresa Boning
Ania vegry
Matthias Winckhler
Theresa Sommer
Florian Fuckner
Judith Utz
Sarah Davidovic
Dominique Aline Bilitza
Andy Agler

If you are looking for a good singer for a concert, you’re in the right place. I can gladly recommend fantastic singers in any fach.

Vocal Pedagogues that I trained and regularly supervise:

Lena zum Berge (Minden and Hannover) +49 178 / 8982021
Henry Friesen (Bielefeld) +49 176 / 24207523
Judith Utz (Berlin) +49 175 / 32109051
Alessia Broch (Munich) +49 1573 / 1862453
Teresa Tieschky (Munich) +49 1573 / 6004515
Tizia Hilber (Munich)  +49 176 / 81086655
Jutta Winckhler (Fürstenfeldbruck) +49 1577 / 7899855

Further information about TRE® (Tension and Trauma Release Exercises) can be found here:

In case of vocal illness caused by misuse of the voice, I recommend contacting
Katharina Krämer, Breathing, Speaking, and Voice Teacher

Or in Munich
Holger Hettinger, Functional Teaching Voice Therapist, +49 173-3210121

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