Functional Voice Pedagogy

The basis of my work is Functional Voice Pedagogy, a method devised by Eugen Rabine. My interest in — and love for — the human voice brought me to this method.

With decades of research, Eugen Rabine used scientific studies to develop his clearly structured method. It fundamentally considers anatomical, physiological and psychological aspects of the human body and human nature.

I’ve been working with this method for nearly thirty years. It allows me to systematically and logically accompany the singers in my studio, regardless of their level. In addition to the Rabine Method, I work from solid pedagogical concepts, which allow me to train and advise other teachers.


I teach my students that vocal success can be achieved by gaining a concrete understanding of the physiological sequences involved in singing. This includes practicing new procedures and learning to perceive the steps that precede the production of a healthy sound. Singers who are new to the Functional Method experience their voice in a totally different way. It is no longer a coincidental product of an unknown process; now they can perceive the process that allows them to create sound and make conscious decisions to shape this process in a positive way. I truly enjoy observing students’ incredible progress as they get to know the Functional Method and how it works with their own instrument. As singers realize their vocal potential, it’s exciting to see how their confidence and personality grow along with their voice.

I use David Berceli’s TRE® (Tension & Trauma Release Exercises) with some students to accompany their vocal training. These exercises, which singers can do on their own after an introduction, assist in releasing jammed or stuck patterns of movement. TRE® supports our work in the voice studio and makes it more effective. I also instruct TRE® independently from voice lessons.

Eugen Rabine
Eugen Rabine

“Susanne Eisch is a very experienced vocal pedagogue with comprehensive knowledge about the connections and functions of the human voice. From beginners to professional singers: I can unreservedly recommend Susanne Eisch as a voice teacher.” Professor Eugen Rabine