Susanne Eisch studied voice in Munich and Würzburg, after which she had numerous engagements as a soloist in operas, operettas, oratorios and concerts. Since 2009 she’s been able to focus solely on her work as a pedagogue.

Susanne completed supplementary pedagogical training in Eugene Rabine’s Functional Voice Pedagogy (an efficient method of vocal development) at the Institute for Voice in Würzburg and at the “Rabine Institute“ in Stuttgart. There she officially became a Certified Rabine Teacher. Susanne has been working with the Functional Method for almost three decades and continues to be regularly supervised by Mr. Rabine.

In addition to the Functional Voice method, Susanne uses TRE® (Tension & Trauma Release Exercises), developed by David Berceli. These therapeutic exercises help the body to release deep muscular patterns caused by stress, tension and trauma and can open up new possibilities for the voice. Susanne also offers individual and group TRE sessions regardless of one’s interest in the voice.

Susanne trains and coaches singers in various branches of the industry. From those with engagements at opera houses throughout Germany, to concert singers, vocal pedagogues, semi-professional soloists in entertainment and electronic music, and to those singers and speakers who are interested in expanding their vocal potential for various reasons, her students use their voices for a wide variety of purposes and goals.

Susanne’s pursuit to spread Rabine’s Functional Method includes the supervision and training of other vocal pedagogues in their own teaching. She works with students at the Detmold Conservatory as well as other young pedagogues.

Susanne directs continued education workshops and events in voice physiology and vocal pedagogy for choral conductors and vocal pedagogues.

Throughout Germany she offers seminars, continued education workshops and professional development for choirs, music pedagogues and people interested in further developing their voices.