Contrary to popular belief, a melodious, powerful and efficient voice does not depend solely upon the talent of the singer or speaker. Singing is a highly coordinated, psychological and physiological act. In principle, everyone can learn to sing.

Discover the potential of your voice! Whether you are a professional or amateur singer or speaker, this method can help to reveal the many possibilities of your voice. Effortlessly and capably sing in a choir or simply enjoy singing by yourself with a new and commanding ease.

Do you work as a voice teacher, voice pathologist / therapist, choral conductor, music teacher, in child care or general education with the voices of others? Learn how you can support the voices of those in your care even more efficiently.

Or do you speak a lot in your job and would you like for your voice to be more melodious and reliable?

Take a look at the possibilities of “Potential oriented vocal training”! On this website you’ll find what you’re looking for. Drop me a line — I look forward to hearing (from) you!