A Day for the Basics

We can learn to sing

Everyone can sing. Singing is a natural, joyful expression of our being. Often, however, our vocal potential is only partially available to us. Some patterns of breathing and movement can hinder the development of our voices. The voice doesn’t come effortlessly, it doesn’t sound free, we get hoarse quickly, and / or some parts of our range become problematic.

The goal of this day-long seminar is to facilitate breathing and movement processes which are beneficial for the voice and to dismantle barriers to free and easy singing.

“We work with fundamental elements from Eugen Rabine’s Functional Voice Pedagogy (an efficient, body-oriented method of developing the voice). These are simple vocal, breathing and body exercises. In addition to these, we gain insights into the physiological processes involved in singing. Using concrete steps, we can perceive these processes in our own bodies. I was able to produce sounds with my voice which I could have never imagined possible. This experience truly moves me time and time again.” Christiane, Teacher