One-on-one work

A Focus on My Voice

In individual lessons we work in a safe space and concentrate on developing your vocal potential. Step by step we practice a new, more efficient and effective way of using your voice. In individual work I can more quickly identify any problematic patterns that a singer may present with and we can address them straight away.

“Semester after semester of frustration at the conservatory had convinced me that I was simply not talented enough for this profession. Today I know that I was simply missing some vital information and also the empathetic communication of that information. I’m learning to sing — finally!” Jonas, Singer

Individual lessons are an important building block in the development of your vocal possibilities. Whether you want to train as a professional (opera) singer, or you would like to discover your potential as a soloist in classical, jazz, rock, or pop music, as a chorister, as a speaker, or simply for yourself, one-on-one work can bring a student’s attention to specific concepts that are most relevant to them.

For years now, I have been receiving far more requests to take on new students than I can possibly fit into my schedule. Nevertheless I do try to assist everyone on their path to discovering their vocal potential. Often this means a combination of individual lessons and group seminars and / or working with one of my excellent young colleagues.

In a “trial lesson,“ we can discuss your personal vocal goals and how best to work toward achieving them.

I’d love to hear (from) you! Contact me to discuss all your vocal goals!

Vocal Pedagogues

Recommended Colleagues:

Alessia Broch (Munich) +49 1573-1862453,

Carolina Grosse Darrelmann (Munich) +49 176-82008716,

Gabriele Weinfurter (Munich and Oberammergau) +49 172-9632174,

Gregor von Uckermann (Munich) +49 177-5621468,

Hana Katsenes (Munich)
+49 176-99147850

Lena zum Berge (Minden and Hannover) +49 178-8982021

Marlene Klassen (Löhne, emphasis on popular music) +49 177-1764072,

Martina Koppelstetter (Munich) +49 179-7457010,

Monika Schmitz (Besigheim) +49 178-3583536

Rike Kohlhepp (Stuttgart) +49 7191-295039,

Teresa Boning (Munich) +49 1573-6004515,