Shaking or Vibrating as a Response to Stress and Trauma

TRE® — Tension and Trauma Release Exercises — is a simple series of exercises which were developed by the American psychotherapist Dr. David Berceli, PhD.

TRE® can have a deep healing influence on our body and our psyche. The exercises can be used any time there are stress-related problems in the body. These can include back pain, sleep disorders, high blood pressure, anxiety, jaw tension, post-traumatic stress disorder and many more. Comprehensive studies in the United States attest to the effectiveness of this relatively new method.

In TRE®, a series of specific exercises causes some muscles to shake or vibrate. Berceli’s concept is based on the fact that this shaking or vibrating is an evolutionary mechanism which helps the body to return to equilibrium after any kind of stressful situation. This shaking or vibrating mechanism has been observed in many mammalian species during or after stress or trauma. It allows the animal to recover more quickly. Humans have the tendency to unconsciously suppress this mechanism.

Students can learn the series of exercises quite quickly and then they can easily practice at home as often as is appropriate.

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As a Functional Voice Pedagogue, I have decades of experience with numerous types of therapy. No other method is as simple and effective as TRE®. I have been using TRE® with my (professional) singers for some time now and those singers who regularly practice TRE® continue to show clearly improved bodily flexibility and mental stability.