Intensive Work with the Voice

Each seminar offers an in-depth look at the voice as an instrument. The day seminars have an emphasis on experiencing the voice through making use of it. Physiological correlations are explained and can be perceived immediately through physical exercises. Often it takes only one day for participants to experience fundamental changes in how they understand and use their voices.

“Learning and experiencing more and more about how my voice works allows it — and me — to continually sound clearer and more beautiful!” Christian, Medical Doctor

In the year-long professional development group, participants learn through theory and practical experience the most important aspects of the “Potential oriented vocal training“. This work is beneficial for their voices and many participants carry this knowledge and skillset into their own teaching as well.


Singing exercises are done with the whole group in all the seminars. No one has to sing alone if they do not wish to do so.

If you are uncertain about which seminar is the right one for you, please contact me and I can advise you!


All seminars can also be booked in bulk for groups (Choirs, faculty, etc.). Upon request I also offer personalized seminars for you or your group’s specific needs. For prices, please contact me.