Vocal Tract Day

Acoustic Space for Our Voice

Compared to other instruments, the sound of our voice is amplified in a very, very small space. In order to enable our voices to develop to their fullest potential, we need to use this important — yet small — space well. Only then can our voices sound full and free. Enlightened usage of the vocal tract can have positive effects on all other aspects of our voice, including range and intonation.
How can my voice have natural and free vibrato? What concrete steps can I take to develop my acoustic space and my perception of it? How does the vocal tract even work? Can I use these concepts and still be understood? This day seminar is devoted to answering these questions with exercises from the “Potential oriented vocal training”. The simple exercises are for the voice, body and breath. There is no need to have previous knowledge or experience with Functional Voice Pedagogy to take part in this seminar. You only need to bring your joy and curiosity for your own voice and vocal potential Enjoyment guaranteed!