Day Seminar

High Notes and Low Notes: How do they work?

Our vocal range is only partially determined by our biology. Singing is a result of a complex physiological process. When singing certain pitches feels  uncomfortable to us, this is often a result of less than optimal use of the voice and / or partial misunderstanding of this process. With some patience and appropriate usage of the body however, anyone can expand their range, that is to say, the spectrum of pitches where they can sing comfortably and freely.

“You find notes that you’ve never heard yourself sing before! And totally effortlessly at that! … Oh yeah, and the seminar can cause sore muscles!” Nadine, Child Care Worker

In this day seminar, we will deal with the topic of pitch in detail. What do the words “head voice“ and “chest voice“ mean? How can I train my high range? How can I work on difficulties with intonation? The focus of this day is on personally experiencing sensations in the voice and in the body. We will also discuss a few aspects of the physiology of the voice, which will help to integrate the experiences of the day into everyday singing and sustainable development of the voice.

This course is directed at people who have already participated in at least one course with Susanne Eisch or who have learned the fundamentals of Functional Voice Pedagogy elsewhere.